Saturday, July 10, 2004

Bring out your dead (once in a decade) 

Phillip Adams in the "Australian" has a suggestion for the Good Lord:

"If the Almighty is reading this column, might I suggest something along the following lines: People should be allowed to return to life for, say, one day every decade, so that they can accept the bouquets, plaudits and gratitude of the rest of us."
The prospect of periodic reappearances by Phillip Adams is, however, hardly enticing, even if no one outside of three listeners of public radio would notice.

"Let's leave Karl Marx alone, but hardly undisturbed, in Highgate Cemetery. The massive sculpture of his formidable head is regularly smashed or bombed, but even worse are the ongoing attacks on his own personal 'ism'. Like Christ, he wouldn't take much pleasure in what's been done in his name, but he might well be miffed by the trumpeting and triumphalism of capitalism."
Poor misunderstood Marx and those horrible nasty people who won't leave him alone. Speaking of those in hell:

"And how would Hitler and Stalin feel about tjudgmentent of history and humanity? If extended from the great creative artists, such return visits would provide posthumous punishments."
Only if they have to read Phillip Adams.

By the way, Phillip, the Almighty is not reading your column; he's too busy going through Krauthammer's at the moment.


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