Sunday, July 25, 2004

Crusaders threatened 

The local branch of that well known multinational, the so called "Al Qaeda in Europe" (or Tawhid Islamic Group to its friends), is threatening Australia in a statement released on the internet (hat tip Athena of Terrorism Unveiled):

"We call upon you to leave Iraq before your country turns to pools of blood... We will shake the earth under your feet as we did in Indonesia, and lines of car bombs will not cease, God willing."
The statement also reminded Italy of the group's previous warning:

"We advise you to accept our offer and if you don't, you will see the lines of cars laden with explosives hit your towns and turn your nights to mornings, God willing."
All rather unoriginal and repetitive. Al Qaeda in Europe has also threatened Poland and Bulgaria earlier on in the week:

"To the crusader Bulgarian government which supports the Americans, we ask you for the last time to withdraw forces from Iraq or we will turn Bulgaria into a bloodbath... To Poland and the Prime Minister Marek Belka, withdraw your forces from Iraq or you will hear explosions ripping through your country when we want."
I get a feeling that every few days an intern at Tawhid's headqaurters sits down at a computer, opens up Microsoft Word, goes to "Templates" folder, chooses a pro-forma threat, tidies us all the "please insert the name of the crusading infidel country here", alternatively changes "bloodbaths" to "lakes of blood" and "lines of cars laden with explosives hitting your town" to "explosions ripping through your country", and puts it on a fax for tomorrow's media cycle deadline.

To add insult to injury, Polish Arabist Michal Nowak, is of the opinion that the threat hasn't even been written by an Arab (my translation): "The text contains many basic grammatical and stylistical mistakes, which indicate that its writer, while using Arabic, comes from somewhere in Europe and has only recently started learning this language." You thought I was joking about the intern?

You might also be amused to find out (the link, again, unfortunately in Polish) that the website, which hosted the threats against Poland and Bulgaria, as well as al Zarqawi's threats (www.ansarnet.ws), is no longer in operation, after Polish journalists informed its server, Micfo Group of Houston, Texas, about the site's contents. The plot thickens, however - the domain name Ansar Net was originally purchased from the address at 184 High Holborn in London. This happens to be the headquarters of HH Research and Marketing, owned by the Saudi Prince Faisal. Now, the firm is denying any knowledge of and association with the jihadi website, and are threatening legal action against whoever used their address to register the domain. Anonymous sources inside HH Research and Marketing told the Polish journalists that they think the registration payments for Ansar Net were being made from Copenhagen. Funnily enough, the 184 High Holborn address has also been used to register the website which carried the video of Nick Berg's beheading (another Polish link).

Returning to our newest threat, the Australian government will tell Tawhid to get stuffed, just as the 
Polish and Bulgarian ones already did (there's a bit of collective memory about appeasement floating around Eastern Europe). Poles, by the way, aren't too impressed with "Fahrenheit 9/11" either (hat tip Andrew Sullivan). Maybe Michael Moore should threaten that unless the Poles rush to cinemas to watch his masterpiece, they will "hear explosions ripping through their country." And when you can hear Moore's footsteps, you know he's not too far off, and it won't be pretty. I know - I remember the last time Poland hosted a fat, obnoxious anti-American buffoon was when Leonid Brezhniev paid a state visit in the 1970s. Believe me, it's not worth provoking Michael Moore.


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