Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Great Decade Debate 

A few days ago I wrote that the 1990s were the decade of nothing.
Dean Esmay violently disagrees:

"The '90s sucked? What are you guys smoking? I can't think of a decade that was more fun and interesting than the 1990s in America!"
That might have been the case, which is why it didn't last too long - fun times, after all, tend not to - but it were the foundations of the 1980s, which allowed the following decade to be so "fun" and so "interesting." As a child - and defender - of the '80s in this debate, I can only quote Ronald Reagan (from memory), who once reminisced about his meetings with members of new generation who were generally quite proud of their technological savvy and dismissive of the backward and unfashionable "oldies". To which Ronnie had this to say: My generation invented computers.

While you're at it, also check out the contributions by Sgt Sryker to the Great Decade Debate.


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