Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The iron resolve of the Iron Mark 

A somewhat misleading opening paragraph:

"A Labor government would not change its policy on troops in Iraq even if Australians were under threat from terrorists, Opposition Leader Mark Latham said."
Seeing that Labor is still committed to withdrawing troops from Iraq by Christmas, "Iron Mark" Latham must be saying that not even terrorist threats will break his determination to surrender.

No, that can't be right. And Australians already are under threat from terrorists anyway.

What Latham, and the journo, actually mean is only apparent further down the piece: "Mr Latham said a Labor government would not have taken the same approach as the Philippines."

That's probably right; the government of Philippines supported the war in Iraq and only withdrew their troops when threatened by terrorists. Latham, by contrast opposed the war but will make the troops stay. Kind of.

It's of course possible, but somewhat unlikely, that terrorists would want to kidnap Australians to blackmail the government ,if Latham ever becomes Australia's Prime Minister. That would be kind of pointless if he's withdrawing troops anyway. Thank God no one will kidnap Australian and demand that the Aussie troops stay in Iraq. That would surely confuse the hell out of the steadfast Latham.


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