Thursday, July 08, 2004

Kerry's hair apparent 

This campaign will be run on important issues, at least according to John Kerry, speaking of his charismatic presidential ticket:

"We've got better vision, better ideas, real plans. We've got a better sense of what's happening to America - and we've got better hair."
Edwards, of course, changed his recently: "going shorter, for a more sporty, less adult-contemporary look." Will go well with Kerry's ever changing - albeit always "better" - positions on issues.

Edwards' shorter hair spoke today about his VP run: "This is a great privilege for me - a great opportunity to serve my country, which I love so dearly."

Edwards' adult-contemporary hair back in January had other ideas: "No, no. Final. I don't want to be vice president. I'm running for president." No wonder he trimmed it.


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