Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Monbiot is a moonbat 

Another perspective on the bias in the media: yes, they're biased, says George Monbiot in the "Guardian", but to the right. Even the BBC, that bastion of rampant pro-American jingoism and militarism, not to mention other Brit news outlets like Sky:

"The Cardiff [School of Journalism] study, for example, shows that 86% of the broadcast news reports that mentioned weapons of mass destruction during the invasion of Iraq 'suggested Iraq had such weapons', while 'only 14% raised doubts about their existence or possible use'."
That's because all the intelligence services in the world, including the French, German and Russian ones thought that Saddam still possessed WMD. It's called reporting, George; "raising doubts about [WMD's] existence or possible use" is commentary, something that you're free to do as a commentator.

But that's not the end of the indictment:

"The Glasgow [University Media Group] study shows that BBC and ITN news reports are biased in favour of Israel and against the Palestinians. Almost three times as much coverage is given to each Israeli death as to each Palestinian death. Killings by Palestinians are routinely described as 'atrocities' and 'murders', while Palestinians deliberately shot by Israeli soldiers have been reported as 'caught in the crossfire'."
I don't know whether this says more about Monbiot, the BBC or the Glasgow University Media Group.

There's of course a powerful and sinister conspiracy behind this dastardly suppression of alternative viewpoints - a vast, right wing conspiracy, in fact:

"The US, British and Israeli governments can make life very difficult for media organisations that upset them, as the BBC found during the Gilligan affair. The Palestinians and the people of Iraq have much less lobbying power. The media are terrified of upsetting the Israeli government, for fear of being branded anti-semitic. Powerful governments can call on the rightwing press for support. Rupert Murdoch, who has a commercial interest in the destruction of the BBC, is always happy to oblige."
Don't worry, George, there's always al Jazeera. And lastly, this message:

"When most of our journalists fail us, it's hardly surprising that the few who are brave enough to expose the lies of the powerful become heroes, even if their work is pretty coarse. When a scruffy comedian from Michigan [Michael Moore] can bring us closer to the truth than the BBC, it's time for a serious examination of why news has become the propaganda of the victor."
And when a scruffy comedian from England [George Monbiot] thinks that we need Michael Moore because BBC is too far to the right to tell the truth, it's time for a serious medical examination. Which, judging by Monbiot's bio, wouldn't be the first time:

"During seven years of investigative journeys in Indonesia, Brazil and East Africa, he was shot at, beaten up by military police, shipwrecked and stung into a poisoned coma by hornets. He came back to work in Britain after being pronounced clinically dead in Lodwar General Hospital in north-western Kenya, having contracted cerebral malaria."
Please insert your joke here. But this gets beyond parody:

"In Britain, [Monbiot] joined the roads protest movement. He was hospitalised by security guards, who drove a metal spike through his foot, smashing the middle bone. He helped to found The Land is Ours, which has occupied land all over the country, including 13 acres of prime real estate in Wandsworth belonging to the Guinness corporation and destined for a giant superstore. The protesters beat Guinness in court, built an eco-village and held onto the land for six months."
If in the end Monbiot & co held to their eco-village for six months only, it probably means that after all The Land is Guinness'. Fascist courts might take away from George the land that belongs to somebody else, but his delusions are always safe with him.


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