Friday, July 30, 2004

No one left to save 

Sudan - just as Iraq in the 1990s, only worse:

"The United States watered down proposals for a UN resolution yesterday after Muslim states refused to threaten sanctions against Sudan for failing to curb Arab militias accused of ethnic cleansing.

"The US, backed by Britain, dropped the word 'sanctions' from a draft resolution in order to secure broad agreement on a text that could be adopted by the UN Security Council today. The move will give Sudan more time to comply with demands from the UN, which described the situation in the western region of Darfur as the world's worst humanitarian crisis."
So, in the name of "consensus", the international community is once again prepared to take the courageous step of sitting on its hands. Giving Sudan more time to comply will UN demands effectively means that the Darfur problem will be solved the same way the Rwandan problem was a decade ago: by a fait accompli on the ground. Because pretty soon the Arab ethnic cleansers in Darfur will achieve their aim, and the UN, faced with the impossible task of unscrambling Sudanese eggs, will instead move on to mismanage some new international crisis.


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