Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Not funny enough 

"USA Today" doesn't find Ann Coulter funny. I have to say I don't always either, but there has to be someone out there to counterbalance the buffoons like Michael Moore or Al Franken of this world.

Ann was hired by "USA Today" to cover the Democratic convention; Michael Moore will do likewise to the Republicans. But when she submitted her first column, the paper editors found it "not funny" and "unusable." As Coulter says, "My guess is [the editors] will 'get' [Moore's] humor." Probably a correct guess. In the meantime,
Jonah Goldberg will fill in at the Dem love fest in Boston.

Here's Coulter's
column. And here it is with "USA Today"'s editorial comments - which make the editor/s look like idiots.

Unlike leftie cry-babies like
Elton John, Linda Ronstadt and Michael Moore, who think that the First Amendment makes everyone else obliged to listen to them, the right tends to be more accepting of the fact that private media outlets have the right to publish - or not to publish - whoever they want. However, the right also tends to point out that the media seem to be a lot more eager to indulge the left. But maybe it's just my twisted perception of things.


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