Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pantsgate strikes Washington 

OK, all the respectable and respected bloggers have by now managed to almost blog to death the whole Sandy Berger security-documents-down-my-pants scandal. If you want to read some serious commentary on the issues involved,  go to Instapundit and just keep scrolling.

I only have those simple thoughts
1) The Democrats' tendency to use pants scandals to distract the public from other, more substantive controversies surrounding the President is now for the first time benefiting a Republican incumbent. It must also be quite refreshing for the Clinton era operatives to be finally caught with their pants up as far as terrorism is concerned - albeit the results are just the same.

2) How many opportunities to take out Osama bin Laden during the 1990s were lost because some Clinton national security officials continue to this day to walk around unawares with the relevant intelligence information still stuffed somewhere down their pants?

3) Is Berger's current behaviour symptomatic of how the Clinton White House was run? One can almost imagine this conversation taking place sometime in the late 1990s:

The intern: Mr President, what are you doing with your pants?

POTUS: Hi there Monica! Would you like me to show you some secret intelligence reports?

The intern: Oh Mr President, what about your wife?

POTUS: I'm afraid she doesn't have high enough security clearance for that.


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