Friday, July 30, 2004

Still spinning in their graves 

I mentioned this Phillip Adams column a few days ago as a brazen example of the left's attempt to white-wash Saddam, if not completely (that might be impossible) then at least white-wash him enough to make Bush and Blair look just as bad. You see, not many bodies have been recovered so far from the Iraqi mass graves, ergo Saddam hasn't killed as many people as previously thought, ergo even the human rights case for going to war is now starting to look shaky.

Now, the ever-dependable
Chris Hitchens rips into Adams over his "no big deal" defence of Saddam:

"[W]hen I stood on the mass grave at Hilla, near Babylon, about a year ago, I was upset not just by the huge number of cadavers, which by the way ran into the thousands. I was upset by the relatives who'd had to wait a decade to inspect the place, and who had found that the water table had washed a lot of the bodies away. A possible shred of clothing, or fragment of an identity card, is not much consolation in these circumstances. Indeed, many of the relatives had acted against their own interests, here as elsewhere, by rushing to the site as soon as the murderer had fallen, and by digging with their bare hands."
But, as we all know, it's only bad when the Americans do it, and even if they don't do it, they can still be made to look responsible for it.


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