Wednesday, July 28, 2004

That's what allies are for 

The governments of Spain and Philippines are annoyed at Australian's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer who stated the obvious, namely that their decision to pull troops out of Iraq (in response to a terrorist attack and a kidnapping respectively) only encourages further terrorist acts. The Spaniards found the comments "unacceptable"; the Philippine ambassador in Australia Christina Ortega said "We feel very hurt because we thought we were allies."

That's one definition of being an ally, I guess: not criticising your friends, even if they are wrong. I prefer another: not running away on your friends in the first place.

Update: Mohammed at Iraq the Model thinks that it's Spain and the Philippines who should be apologising to Australia, not to mention everyeone else: "I doubt that we can forgive you [Spain and the Philippines] all for your cowardice, stupidity and hypocracy just as we’ll never forget the sacrifices and the help of the Americans, Australians, British, Italians, Japanese and all the other coalition members."


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