Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Things to do in Canberra when you're dead 

There's one for our great national capital:

"Perhaps it's the cold weather, but certain people in the nation's capital appear to be having more sex than anyone else [in Australia]. According to a survey by FHM magazine, nine per cent of Canberrans claim to have sex on a daily basis."
Or perhaps it's the fact that (no offence to my friends and readers in the capital) Canberra is a boring little town with nothing else to do during those long nights.

And in the Middle Earth, it seems that the Kiwis have to always try to outdo us Aussies...

"The findings left Australian well behind their trans-Tasman cousins in the shagging stakes, with New Zealand respondents claiming to have sex between four and six times per week."
...at least in the lying stakes. Then again, the sheep may be pretty docile over there.

Do any of the American readers know if people in Washington also have more sex than those outside the Beltway? (anecdotal evidence from
Wonkette and Washingtonienne not allowed). While I haven't been to Washington, I'd venture a guess that it's more interesting than Canberra, so maybe not.


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