Monday, August 16, 2004

43 versus 43 

Last week, in an imitation of earlier similar public statements in the United States and Great Britain, a group of 43 former Australian diplomats and defence chiefs has written an open letter to the Prime Minister John Howard, "blast[ing] Australia's 'unquestioning support' of the US, calling for truth in government and a more balanced approach to foreign affairs."

Today, a group of
43 Iraqi-Australians publishes a letter of their own. Some of the choice quotes:

"We, the undersigned, are Iraqi-Australian citizens very grateful for the freedom we enjoy in this country - our new homeland.

"We respect the rights of the 43 former senior figures to freely express their views in their statement to the Australian people last Monday. However, many of us have certain doubts about the timing of their statement since it appears to be politically motivated as there is an election to be held very soon...

"We are in touch with members of our families in Iraq and some of us have visited Iraq recently so we are well aware of the true facts of the situation there today...

"We are extremely grateful to the Australian military forces for helping to liberate our former beloved country from the indescribable suffering imposed by the brutal Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein...

"We believe Hussein himself was the most dangerous WMD in Iraq - and fortunately he has been found...

"It was enormously courageous of the allies to go into Iraq. By hesitating any longer and agreeing to the wishes of the UN, perhaps the situation would have become much more hazardous. Some action had to be taken because the former regime took little notice of the UN. Let us remember that there was hesitation before World War II, which led to the deaths of millions."
There isn't really much more than one can add.


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