Sunday, August 01, 2004

Around the world in 20 blogs 

From the Great Southern Land, but currently still drinking somewhere in the US of A, Tim Blair on John Kerry's post-convention mini-bounce: "if John Kerry is the guy America turns to for 'help', what are America's problems? Can't tie a reef knot? Bicycle keeps falling over? Wife nuts?" Powerline has more on the mini-bounce and some thoughts on the upcoming Republican convention.

Azazel at
Boils My Blood has ideas on how to fix Australian intelligence failures.

Toni Colette: "I think I'll slit my wrists if [Prime Minister] Howard gets in again."
Slatts: "Razor's in the mail, honey."

Only the humanities departments indoctrinate uni students? Wrong. Check out the leftie encroachment at the University of Queensland physics department, via

And the new Australian blogger,
The Currency Lad is watching the Democratic convention from the safety of his armchair on the other side of the world: "Mary Joe Kopechne would not have feared another four years - during any Administration."

In America,
Dean Esmay writes on "The Price Of Calling The President A Rogue And A Liar In Wartime."

Instapundit has a say on dumb anti-sex toy laws. But Clayton Cramer adds, dumb doesn't mean unconstitutional.

David Adesnik at
OxBlog asks - and answers - whether bloggers made a difference at the Democratic convention.

IowaHawk: "A marathon negotiation session between Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards and Illinois US Senate candidate Barack Obama has ironed out their heated public disagreement on the exact number of Americas. 'It turns out we were both wrong,' said a beaming Obama, who had as recently as Tuesday claimed that there was one America. 'It turns out there are seven Americas -- rich America, poor America, united-with-one-voice America, Air America, South America, Mall of America, and Six Flags Over America'."

It had to happen:
Marty Dee on why the Iraqi chicken crossed the road.

From Canada,
Damian Penny writes on the clash of egos: Moore vs O'Reilly. During the said clash, Moore asked O'Reilly: "So you would sacrifice your child to secure Fallujah?" A Small Victory has got the answer that O'Reilly should have given.

Your one and only source of news and views from the West Indies,
Carib Pundit is moving to a new location.

In the occupied Europe,
Barcepundit says that Spain's appeasement has many consequences, including diplomatic ones.

In the Middle East,
Israellycool samples "the drink jihadists choose" - Mecca Cola.

Iraq the Model writes on suicide bombings in Iraq and the reactions around the Arab world.

And Zayed at
Healing Iraq is alive and well and back at his keyboard with a list of suggested new Iraqi blog reading.

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