Sunday, August 15, 2004

Around the world in 23 blogs 

In Australia, the friendly demon Azazel at Boils my Blood ponders on the insanity of Australia's taxation system. Then again, Azazel is a libertarian so pretty much any taxation system seems insane to him.

The ever-prolific Currency Lad has two long and interesting posts about the state of Australian parties and the nuclear Mullahs of Teheran. Does this Lad have a day job?

Mike Jericho gets classified "extremely right-wing". Congratulations, Mike.

Public Media Watch watches Australian Broadcasting Corporation downplay positive developments in Iraq.

In the United States, Blackfive lists the many ways you can thank the troops.

Dean Esmay, himself not averse to occasionally voting Democrat, has a bitter open letter to John Kerry.

Powerline has got the most extensive coverage of John Kerry's fantastic adventures in Cambodia; just keep scrolling.

On that topic, Captain's Quarters follows up on another inconsistency in Kerry's Vietnam narrative (hat tip: Mark from Colorado).

Speaking of Kerry, Pacetown is maintaining the ever-expanding list of the Democratic candidate's election promises.

Silent Running mourns the passing of Bernard Levin.

Athena at Terrorism Unveiled (in the eye of the Florida hurricane) writes on why Najaf matters.

No Watermelons Allowed muses on the unnatural fear of corporations, stalking the corridors of the "Washington Post."

Petterico keeps chastising the mainstream media for its bias. Today it's the "New York Times."

Pejman comments on the "anybody but Bush" strategy.

Spartacus writes on his love/hate relationship with Chuck Schumer.

The Southern Conservative weighs in (so to speak) on the issue of Michael Moore weight.

And welcome to a new blog on the block, Distant Fields of View, which this week has some thoughts of the encirclement of Iran.

While not physically located in Europe, Peaktalk ponders on the pleasure-loving ways of the Europeans.

Definitely located in Europe, Tomas Kohl comments on the recent appointments to the European Commission. Good news: "Czech EU Commissioner Appointed To Promote Unemployment."

In Asia, Simon World once again travels Asia by blog.

In the Middle East, Zayed at Healing Iraq provides the latest on the political situation and the guys at Iraq the Model have the latest on the security situation.

And as always, don't forget about Homespun Bloggers, the alliance of blogsphere's enthusiastic non-professionals that is growing faster than either Michael Moore's ass or ego. Every Sunday night you can find "the best of" members' musings form the prior week. Well worth checking.


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