Sunday, August 29, 2004

Around the world in 30 blogs 

From Australia, (but in Asia) Simon World has a fantastic post on "Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask [about blogging]."

Still in Australia (but this time in the United States) Tim Blair is planning to protest the Republican convention dressed as a Vietnamese peasant.

Asian countries think that Australia's decision to acquire long range cruise missiles will destabilize the region and lead to an arms race. Bastards Inc says: "Dear Asia...get f***ed!" The Currency Lad has some more polite thoughts about "defending Australia without permission."

Evil Pundit writes on personal details of 1,600 delegates to the Republican National Convention floating in the cyberspace.

The Fall of Jericho calmly reflects on the question of Bush politicising the Olympics.

Public Media Watch writes on Australian Broadcasting Corporation's love affair with Jimmy Carter.

And in the general Tasman region, Tom Paine at Silent Running writes: "I have never previously felt that being a New Zealander was anything to apologise for. But these days I go to bed with fury and wake with shame."

In the United States, Powerline debates the Swifties story with the "Star Tribune".

Blackfive realises he has moved to the right suburb after he visits his nearest Borders bookshop.

Clayton Cramer has some thoughts on losing the culture war.

Solomonia comments about the Dems using wheelchair-bound Max Cleland as a letter delivery system. The Southern Conservative, too, is disgusted.

Brain Shavings offer some strategic advice for the Swifties' next move.

David Adesnik of OxBlog, meanwhile, thinks that the Swifties issue is only getting in the way of a serious debate about Vietnam and its lessons.

TigerHawk updates on the Olympic medal tally of the Coalition of the Willing.

Athena form Terrorism Unveiled, who will shortly be blogging up the storm from Syria and Jordan (see how the preparations are going) writes about the NY subway plot.

Meanwhile, Joe Gandelman at the Moderate Voice writes about "A New Dilemma For Some: Bush Says He Doesn't Think Kerry Lied". Always a good reading from a sensible moderate perspective.

Bunker Mulligan rages against racial gerrymander.

Fausta at the Bad Hair Blog continues to maintain the rage at New Jersey "Gay American" Governor McGreevey.

Fine? Why Fine? has some thoughts on the impossible batting average: .99868 - that's the prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq not mistreated.

Pacetown advises readers to move left - but only when driving.

In the West Indies, Carib Pundit writes on the spat between Cuba and Panama.

In the United Kingdom, Talking Hoarsely says that BBC is obsessed with Abu Ghraib.

Please also welcome a new (to me) blog from the UK, Blithering Bunny.

In Europe, No Pasaran writes on how Paris celebrates the anniversary of liberation - without America.

Tomas Kohl, our man in the Czech Republic, is celebrating his second blogging anniversary - congratulations and well done! I could only wish that more solid right-wingers in East and Central Europe would follow Tomas and start blogging. Tomas also experiences Chrenkoff-lanche (bonus points for the first use of the term) and writes about IQ and presidential politics.

In the Middle East, Israellycool has moved to a new location. Check out the excellent new look "Ozraeli" blog.

Omar at Iraq the Model goes to a restaurant and ponders on the rising living standards.

And as always, don't forget Homespun Bloggers - and join in the new growing force on the net.


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