Sunday, August 22, 2004

Around the world in 40 blogs - the mega edition 

In Australia, but temporarily in the US, Tim Blair continues to drive from California to New York for the Republican convention. Along the way he stops at a motel in Albuquerque.

Gnu Hunter writes about Australia's partisan press.

The Currency Lad has another wide-ranging post about history, the North Korean threat, the mad mullahs of Tehran and what the politicians are doing about it all.

The fellow blogger Alan Anderson is following the trend into the mainstream media, with an opinion piece in the Melbourne "Age." Well done.

And Yobbo muses on aging air hostesses who are suing to work for the youthful Virgin airlines.

In the United States, Powerline writes on the Dem's 527 hypocrisy.

And Captain's Quarters has few question to ask John Kerry at his next press conference.

Blackfive knows one thing about military leadership - leaders don't sell their troops out. By the way, Blackfive, welcome to suburbia. It's not that bad, trust me.

Daniel Drezner has been persuaded enough to reduce his probability of voting for Bush down to 0.4. Find out way. Dan also argues with Patrick Belton from OxBlog whether the American people are Wilsonian in their foreign policy inclinations.

Dean Esmay's probability of voting for Bush is, I would guess, higher than 0.4: Dean can smell fear in the Kerry campaign.

Lots of goodies at Winds of Change, including new editions of Hate Watch and Winds of Discovery.

Clayton Cramer fisks some "growing income gap" scare figures.

IowaHawk has some Olympic stories you won't read anywhere else.

In the aftermath of the Governor McGreevey resignation, The Bad Hair Blog agitates against corruption in New Jersey.

Brainshavings alnalyses John Kerry's anti-Swift Boat Veterans for Truth statement.

And Patterico writes about the "Washington Post" and the Vets.

The Moderate Voice has some insider's thoughts on media and bias.

Marty Dee writes on why teachers love John Kerry.

Freedom's Truth fisks the polling on Americans' attitudes to war in Iraq.

Solomonia considers pros and cons of US troop withdrawals from Europe.

Athena from Terrorism Unveiled will soon be blogging live from Jordan. Make sure to check her out.

Fine? Why Fine? engages in people-watching at the Pakistani Independence Day celebrations in New York.

Pacetown is playing with Wordcount. I bet you always wanted to know which is more popular: love or sex. Now you'll know.

Fringeblog presents another Carnival of the Vanities.

And for something totally different - The Beacon - in addition to being a solid right-winger, is also a co-owner of a sports photography marketing firm - and some of the Olympic photos in his stable have made it to some high places. Check out his blog generally for some very nice shots.

Meanwhile, TigerHawk muses on which side is winning the Olympics.

And from Canada, Damian Penny has more thoughts on boycotting Bruce Springsteen.

In Europe, David Adesnik at OxBlog tries to get to the bottom of the controversy whether John Kerry does have a clear position on Iraq.

The Czech Republic's ever dependable Tomas Kohl, inspired by yours truly's "Good news from Iraq" has started publishing "Bad News from Europe" - here's part 1 and part 2 so far. Highly recommended, particularly if you need some European madness fix while waiting for my next installment of "All in the same EU-Boat."

Another one of our good Euro friends, Barcepundit, has been asked to join the esteemed Command Post team. Here's his first post for his new outlet.

And Michael at DownEastBlog writes about the new faces of the European Commission.

In Asia, John Kennett reports from South Korea that John Kerry is not the only politician whose past is coming back to haunt him.

Simon World has another monster round-up of what Asian blogs are writing about - well worth checking out.

In the Middle East, Ali at Iraq the Model reports on democracy in progress: "What happened yesterday was a serious blow to terrorists and fanatics and their supporters. It’s a clear message that says, 'Do your best. It won’t stop us'." The guys at the Model are also celebrating one million visits to their blog. It's all richly deserved - you're doing a fantastic job.

Zeyad at Healing Iraq, too, has commentary on the birth of Iraq's provisional parliament.

Israellycool writes about blog concepts. Ever heard of Premature Blogulation or Blog Standoff? No? Then read on. Also check out the return of the peace tool.

In Africa, Ethiopundit comments on the curious mix of Marxism and crony capitalism that is running down Ethiopia's economy.

Last but not least, Part I: please also welcome a "new kid on the blog", Right Makes Right.

Last but not least, Part II: check out the output of Homespun Bloggers, the ever growing merry bunch of those of us who, unlike the big guns, do it for fun not money. With Tom of MuD & PHuD on holidays, I've been the guest compiler of the weekly "Best of..." round-up of the Homespunners. Check it out on Monday, and let Tom know if you would like to join in and increase your exposure.


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