Friday, August 13, 2004

Bastards ask a question, Bastards get the answer 

Bastards Inc asks a question:

"By the way, is it possible that Arthur Chrenkoff isn't actually human, but a complex set of binary algorithms, created in a similar vein to Google News, that simply collates all the world's news on any given day, and regurgitates it all with a simple, stylised, humourous commentary? Are programmers really that smart? Or is it possible that Steyn has met his match?"
The secret's out; I've been outed. My wife will be pretty shocked when I break the news to her. As for Steyn, I think he's pretty safe for now, but thanks anyway.

By the way, the next "Good news from Iraq" (number 8) segment is coming out on Monday. "Good news from Afghanistan, Part 3", out the Monday week.


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