Monday, August 23, 2004

The good guy of the week 

This week's award goes to Ed Koch, the mayor of New York from 1978 to 1990:
"Calling himself a 'liberal with sanity,' former mayor Ed Koch - a lifelong Democrat - said he had decided to support President Bush in the 2004 election because of Bush's policy on Iraq.

" 'While I don't agree with Bush on any domestic matters, there's only one matter that's important in this race, and that relates to standing up to international terrorism, taking it on - and George Bush has established that he is willing to do that,' Koch said in an interview broadcast Sunday on WNBC-TV's 'News Forum.'

"Koch said Bush's unwavering opinions contrasted favorably with the 'hypocrisy' of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry. Koch said Kerry had wavered on Iraq..."
"Liberal with sanity" - a very nice description that, come to think of it, applies to so many people in the blogsphere - Glenn Reynolds and Dean Esmay spring instantly to mind, but I'm sure you can name another few yourself (hello, Joe Gandelman). These are all people, who like Koch, might not necessarily support some or even all of Bush's domestic policies, but who agree that there is indeed only one issue in this election - the war on terror. I tend to think of myself as a "conservative with sanity" so I don't have the same dilemmas about supporting Bush (morally, as I can't vote), but I warmly welcome to the ranks of the sane all those of other political persuasions who have the political courage to understand that we are at war.


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