Thursday, August 19, 2004

The hero gets precious under fire 

Senator Kerry has issued a new call from a location close to the Cambodian border:

"John Kerry called yesterday for a 'campaign of issues, not insults' hours after his supporters returned fire against the Republicans with an attack on George W. Bush's military service.

"Retired general Wesley Clark led the Democrats into battle, repeating accusations in the latest advertisement by a liberal interest group that the US President had drawn on family connections to avoid serving in the Vietnam War.

"The MoveOn.org advertisement, which accuses Mr Bush of allowing false advertising attacking Senator Kerry, started airing yesterday."
I'm sorry to rain on John Kerry's military parade, but these are election issues. It was him and the Democratic Party who first made Kerry's service in Vietnam into one (some uncharitable souls might say, the one and only issue of the campaign), just as they subsequently did to George Bush's service record. It's a bit too late, not to say somewhat dishonest, to now call for a "campaign of issues, not insults." Kerry himself, of course, might help if he stopped continually reporting for duty in Vietnam and instead shifted his focus onto some more contemporary challenges facing the United States.


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