Thursday, August 12, 2004

Holidays in Najaf 

Remember the time when the international left was a lot more bellicose? Remember the Spanish Civil War? (I use the term "remember" in a non-personal and non-specific sort of way, not the way John Kerry "remembers" being in Cambodia on Christmas 1968) It was the last time that thousands of passionate Western lefties put their own asses on the line and joined the Republican side in the fight against Franco. Ever since then, however, the left has preferred to let "the people of color" (as they would say) fight the Western (American) imperialism on their behalf.

Today, once again, it's not the devotees of John Pilger or Noam Chomsky but the Western Muslims who occasionally join in the jihad against the US. Here's the
latest two:

"British Muslims who take up arms against UK and US forces in Iraq could face treason charges on their return, the Home Office said today. The warning was prompted by a Guardian report that two Britons had traveled from their homes in London to join the Mahdi army, a militia loyal to the radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

"The two men who traveled to Najaf from the UK were both born in Iraq - one in Najaf and the other in Baghdad - but had lived in Britain since they were children and held British passports. This was the first time they had returned to Iraq, the Guardian reported.

"Asked why they had traveled to Najaf, one - calling himself Abu Haqid, replied: 'Our brothers are fighting down here. They are not eating well, they are not sleeping well - we have to be in the same position as them. We all have a belief, me and my family, when it comes to jihad. We asked our families and they said yes. It is good to protect your country and be there with your brothers'."
Treason charges if they are lucky to return to Great Britain.

I just love those people who choose to live in the West and share in the peace, freedom and prosperity that comes from being a citizen of a liberal democracy such as the UK, but who feel so passionately that their "brothers" back in Iraq should live in an impoverished, stifling theocracy, that they will gladly go back and fight to keep them there.


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