Friday, August 20, 2004

The joy of blogging 

It's 11.25pm on Friday night. Just finished watching "Love Actually" on DVD with Mrs Chrenkoff (a fluffy but cute piece of film-making. I enjoyed a chuckle at Hugh Grant's Prime Minister - that's how the British artistic left obviously wishes Tony Blair would be in real life - dashing, wife-less, and tough on the United States. "Reality actually", is fortunately quite different), but I thought I would drop a quick line to let you know I'm still alive, however infrequent the blogging.

Ah, the dreaded blogligation strikes again - the desire to give all of you dear readers the biggest bang for your buck (metaphorically speaking; after all you're not paying) and provide you with tons of new and exciting stuff every day. And the feeling of guilt when I don't. And the blog envy at all those bloggers who can churn out half a dozen or dozen good posts every day containing not only interesting links but insightful analysis, some good fisking and a decent dose of humour.

My only defence is that this blog is slightly different in structure than others, in that instead of steady publication schedule, every Monday I publish a mega post of one kind or another, whether it's good news from Iraq, or good news from Afghanistan, or crazy news from Europe. As you can imagine, compiling them takes a lot of time - so in case you were wondering why I'm a lazy bastard and not posting more often during the week - that's what's taking my time every day.

Aside from that, I have a job and try to have a life. I blog as much as time permits outside the two. I would love to blog more, but for that to happen I'm afraid you have to arrange for me a stint as a professional pundit or a syndicated columnist so I can spend more time on the net, and more time "chrenkin' off" for you.

Anyway, enough whinging and self-pity. I'll promise to keep on writing if you promise to keep dropping in.


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