Friday, August 06, 2004

Nigerian sect news 

In the land of internet scams, some sects make love:

"Several people have been killed after Nigerian police raided the headquarters of an Islamic sect, whose members exchanged their wives... The sect, which is reported to have thousands of followers, had incensed other local Muslim groups by calling their base the Kabah - after Islam's holiest site in the Saudi Arabian town of Mecca... Their motto is: 'Love your neighbour as yourself, share your wives with your neighbour'."
While other sects make war:

"Police in eastern Nigeria discovered body parts, skulls and more than 50 corpses, some partly mummified, in shrines where a secretive cult was believed to have carried out ritual killings, officers said Thursday. Some victims may have died after swallowing poison to prove their innocence."
Weird, but better than slamming airplanes into skyscrapers.


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