Sunday, August 15, 2004

Olympic update 

Just because I'm not into Olympics it doesn't mean I'm not going to write about them. Particularly when I read stuff like this:
"A group of Aussie backpackers breached the billion-dollar Olympics security operation by getting into the locked-down opening ceremony without tickets.

"Armed only with tickets to a Sunday basketball game, they breezed past officials without being questioned and secured prime seating under the cauldron in the main stadium."
"Go, Aussie, go!" I say. Personally, I'm not sure whether it was really worth it, but one of the breachees of the billion-dollar Olympic security disagrees:
"Tarn Morris, 18, of Bondi said watching the glittering ceremony as part of the sold-out 72,000 crowd was 'one of the best days of my life'. 'It was like Sydney all over again - we absolutely loved it,' she said. 'We never thought we'd get in and I'm so pleased we did - it was amazing'."
Fortunately for the organisers that was it, but it's not too difficult to imagine another possible newspaper quote: "Ahmed Fadouz, 25, of Cairo, said watching the explosions rip through the sold-out 72,000 crowd was 'one of the best days of my life'. 'It was like Bali all over again - we absolutely loved it,' he said. 'We never thought that our martyr brothers'd get in and I'm pleased they did - it was amazing'." OK, I'm exaggerating here; there were still X-rays and body searches that every attendee had to go through to get in, with or without the correct tickets. Still, whatever Australian backpackers can do, I'm sure al Qaeda can do better.

Speaking of the Games, Barcepundit thinks this is the picture of the day. I agree.


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