Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sports ingratitude 

No, I'm not happy that Australia lost the quarterfinals soccer (football) match at the Olympics.

But at least I'm happy that if we had to lose, we lost to Iraq.

In the words of the Qatar-based midfielder Emad Mohammed responsible for the 1:0 victory: "People where I live (in Iraq) have suffered so much... It's very confusing for us and hard to keep our minds on the game. But we hope we can give a little happiness to our country."

I'm sure that's the case. As guys at Iraq the Model write, "Right now there is lots of shooting into the air (I don't like it but at least Iraqis are happy and it's better to waste bullets this way)."

I guess that's how they repay you - you liberate them one day, the next day they beat you at the Olympics.

Well done Iraq!


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