Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Those wacky Republicans and their amazing celebrities 

Now we finally know which celebrities are coming to the Republican convention in New York: country duo Brooks & Dunn, country singer Lee Ann Womack, Latin gospel singer Jaci Velasquez, Christian rock band Third Day, Christian singer Gracie Rosenburger, rock band Dexter Freebish, country singer Darryl Worley, gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, the legendary Wayne Newton, actor Stephen Baldwin, and actress Bo Derek.

Not wanting the begrudge the above their celebrity status, it's probably just as well that the presidential elections aren't decided by the Hollywood electoral college votes. It is also a pointed reminder that for all their inevitable glitz and excitement (at least as far as political junkies are concerned), conventions should never sacrifice substance for the sake of flashy but superficial symbolism.

And just to remind us what the Republicans will be missing by being denied the cream of our entertainment elite,
Janet Jackson is claiming in a forthcoming interview that the Bush Administration had used her breast to distract people from the war in Iraq. The nefarious neo-con conspiracy in the White House must have in this case cleverly manipulated the mainstream media to do their dirty work for them. It just shows you how low the Bush junta will stoop to prevent the American people from keeping abreast of the real issues. Fortunately the distraction proved not to be particularly big, and the Titgage conspiracy was soon nipped in the bud.


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