Thursday, August 19, 2004

You too can help Iraqi democracy 

Another election I'll be watching with more than just general interest, now that Ali and Mohammed of Iraq the Model blog have decided that writing just ain't enough and will throw their hats into the ring to run for the Iraqi National Assembly:

"For sometime we thought that we can help by doing our jobs and by posting our opinions here on the blog, and while we still think it does help, the battle against tyranny and fanaticism in our country demands more than that. It demands that each one of us put all the effort he/she can make and take an active stand regardless of how difficult or dangerous it may seem. We simply cannot just stand and watch and we hope that we will encourage others also to do their best in order to achieve our freedom and establish democracy in a country that suffered more than enough from wars, dictators, terrorists and fanatics. We believe that democracy is the only cure to all those diseases and the only answers to all threats. As hard the battle seems now and as far victory may look, we believe in our people and we believe in our friends and we know we will win."
Please visit the website of Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party, which Ali and Mohammed have co-founded and which is now fielding a dozen candidates in the election. Most importantly learn how you can help their campaign, by donating money, buying their campaign gear, or just simply spreading the news.

Dear readers, while our brave men and women of the Coalition armed forces have done the heavy lifting to liberate the country and continue to work for security of Iraq, this is our opportunity, as non-military folk, to ensure that the sacrifices of our soldiers and Iraqi people have not been in vain. So please, consider doing your bit to ensure that decent, pro-Western forces get some foothold in democratic Iraqi politics.


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