Thursday, September 02, 2004

Always look on the bright side of life 

John Kerry fronts up to the national convention of the American Legion. Reports the "Washington Times":

"John Kerry was received politely by the American Legion today when he delivered a speech that focused on veterans' issues but did not address attacks leveled against him last month by fellow veterans."
Reuters, too, tries to focus on the positives:

"In some ways, Kerry's appearance before the American Legion was more noteworthy for what did not happen than for what did.

"Kerry made no mention of the controversy over his military record, which has dogged his campaign in recent weeks and seen Bush make some gains in the polls. Nor was he heckled or booed, as he was when he spoke last month to a similar group, the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

"The audience politely applauded Kerry several dozen times and gave him a standing ovation -- defying Kerry campaign predictions of a tough crowd."
What a polite bunch those veterans have turned out to be. The title of the article should probably be "Speech a success: Kerry not lynched by vets."


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