Sunday, September 05, 2004

Around the world in 33 blogs 

In Australia, Tim Blair is finally coming back from the Land of the Free. And we thought that we'd finally got rid of him.

Azazel at
Boils My Blood confesses: "I’m a libertarian who strongly believes in the war on terror, pre-emption and spreading liberal democracy across the globe. How does that fit in with most Libertarians knee jerk isolationism?"

Gnu Hunter observes Australia's public broadcaster's attempts to deal with own bias. And Public Media Watch notes that ABC still can't bring itself to use the "t" word.

The Currency Lad gives out awards for the beat-ups of the first week of the election campaign in Australia.

In the United States, the Associated Press makes it up - and Powerline rounds it up.

Blackfive has a simple test to determine whether you're a Democrat, Republican or a Southern Republican.

Dean Esmay is not disgusted with Zell Miller - but he is with Ken Layne and Andrew Sullivan. Peter Schramm at No Left Turns has got more observations on the Zell topic.

Stephen Green, the "small-l libertarian" of Vodka Pundit, feels welcome in George Bush's America.

Lots of interesting stuff at Winds of Change, including the Israeli news round-up and the new edition of Hate Watch.

Pieter at Peaktalk has some thoughts about headscarves and hostages.

Jason Hayes at Musing writes about John Kerry's "Daily Show" appearance: "At least Clinton had charisma."

Fringeblog writes that Garrison Keillor ain't Mark Twain.

Brainshavings: who says that the Republicans don't have celebrity babes? (with a photo)

Tex the Pontificator writes about the campaign finance reform and 527s: "Cynical jokes sometimes accuse software manufacturers of passing bugs off as features when they are too difficult or expensive to fix. The divide between bugs and features comes to mind in the debate over 527's."

Iowahawk has his own George Bush-Swift Boat Vets conspiracy map.

Fine? Why Fine? observes the media covering the convention: Cheney giving Nazi salute, Zell Miller God-bothering - situation normal.

Patterico has a long and interesting post on the likely consequences of gutting California's "three strikes you're out" legislation.

Gleeful Extremist takes on the venerable "Economist" for its unbalanced view of the Bush presidency.

Pacetown's list of John Kerry's election promises is up to 55 items.

And Mark from Colorado has for the time being abandoned his vehicle A New Birth of Freedom to join an exciting new group blog Warm n' Fuzzy Conserva-Puppies.

In Europe, Barcepundit observes Spain not making foreign policy.

Ne Pasaran comments on the saga of French hostages: "But... C'est Injuste! Don't They Realize that the Hostages Are French Friends!?"

And Tomas Kohl writes on what it means to be an intellectual.

In Asia, Simon at Simon World does his regular excellent "Asia by blog" round-up to find out what the world's largest continent is thinking.

Enzo from 1972 photoblogs from China. The text unfortunately only in Italian, but photos are after all worth thousand words.

In the Middle East, Mohammed at Iraq the Model comments on another great step towards democracy in Iraq.

Zeyad at Healing Iraq has two interesting posts: things about clean-up in Najaf you won't read in the Western media, and also fisking the Association of Muslim Scholars - same old faces, same old poisonous message.

While not physically in the Middle East, Liberating Iraq updates the list of innocent Iraqi civilians being killed every day by the "freedom fighters."

In Africa, Ethiopundit takes a look at modern slavery around the world.

As always, don't forget Homespun Bloggers - the jolly bunch continues to grow, so if you're a blogger, jump on the bandwagon - and in any case, go and check out the regular "best of" selection.

Lastly - do you have a recent post that you feel particularly proud of - a good piece of fisking, an insightful analysis, a comprehensive links round-up, something funny, something original? - don't be shy and let me know (a lot of you are doing it already). I don't promise I'll include it in the next blog journey around the world, but then again I just might.


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