Sunday, September 12, 2004

Around the world in 41 blogs 

In Australia, as you can imagine, the election - the Australian one, that is - is on many bloggers' minds.

Bastards Inc: "[Labor Party] throws bone to veterans. Gets bitten."

Meanwhile, Azazel at Boils My Blood says: "Labor Tax Policy: A Whole Lot of Nuthin."

The Swanker has got a nice and simple guide to the Australian elections for beginners (and foreign readers). With lots of pictures.

The Currency Lad observes the Australian Greens advocating appeasement at home and abroad.

And Slattsnews is also watching the Australian Greens equivocate on terror.

Mike Jericho speculates about the possibility of a Grand Alliance against Terror - involving Russia.

Niner Charlie writes on the Australian jihadis who suddenly developed a taste for ballots not bullets.

Gnu Hunter writes about Chechnia's Australian connection.

Alan at A E Brain reflects on life on low income.

In the United States, what can I say about Powerline this week? What an amazing effort (together with Little Green Footballs) in exposing the forgeries that so easily fooled CBS. Is it time to consider a boycott?

Blackfive wants to introduce you to somebody you should know.

Dan Darling at Winds of Change writes about the progressive attrition of al Qaeda leadership.

In the aftermath of the Powerline meltdown, Michelle Malkin wonder how can we better prepare ourselves in the future for Drudgelanches. I wish more of us had the same problem.

Patterico interviews the first person to raise doubts about the authenticity of the CBS documents.

David Adesnik at Oxblog wonders: are journalists biased or nuanced?

IowaHawk has more AP corrections you won't see anywhere else.

Liberating Iraq has a staggering list of John Kerry's flip flops on Iraq.

Fringe Blog provides the "afterlife guide to the 2004 election".

The Southern Conservative writes on the state of unions: "For Some, Labor Day is No Celebration."

Opinion Paper sees great parallels between Kerry's presidential run and his failed run for Congress in 1972.

Brain Shavings takes on the Investor's Business Daily and their claim that convention blogging didn't generated a spike in traffic for the blogs concerned.

No Illusions asks how the American police would react to the Beslan school siege.

Considerettes, a Georgian native, examines Zell Miller's domestic record.

Bunker Mulligan has some thoughts on what the Kerry Administration would look like.

Pieter at Peak Talk reflects on the European Union and the question of embracing Turkey.

The Diplomad has a discussion on Islam and terror (and the second part).

Commonwealth Conservative reminds us of Ronald Reagan's words on terror.

And for something completely different, MuD & PHuD muses on evolution vs creationism.

In the West Indies, Crib Pundit is doing some hurricane blogging from location.

In Europe, Tomas Kohl reminisces about the good old commie Labor Day and has some thoughts on which party now in the United States represents the workers.

Andrew at the Brit Broadcasting Conservatism goes through a masochistic ritual of buying and reading "Guardian" to find out what the enlightened Euro-Brit elites think of the state of the world.

Barcepundit sees the French hand behind the "uranium from Niger" story. Also check out his excellent post on what's happening behind the scenes at the commission investigating the Madrid bombings. Fascinating stuff.

No Pasaran also writes about the Niger story and in addition has a lot of good commentary about France's Muslim foreign policy.

In Asia, Simon World has been keeping track of all the developments in Jakarta terrorist attack.

In the Middle East, Mohammed at Iraq the Model travels by bus to Baghdad through some Wild East territory.

Zeyad at Healing Iraq writes about clerics, fatwas and terrorism.

Israellycool reports on Israeli bloggers' bash.

Athena of Terrorism Unveiled, currently in Jordan, thinks her host country in on the terrorists' hit list. Not a pleasant thought.

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