Sunday, September 26, 2004

Around the world in 48 blogs - the biggest tour ever 

That time of the week again to see what the blogospheric friends of Chrenk have been up to for the past few days. By the way, if you have an interesting, original or insightful (or even all three) post that you would like to share, why not let me know?

In Australia, The Currency Lad has a long rant on all things musical and political.

Gnu Hunter says that Mark Latham won't defend Australians. And It's a Matter of Opinion says that Mark Latham threatens jobs. Kev Gillett also doesn't like Latham's defence policy. Overall, a dangerous fellow, isn't he?

Man of Lettuce, Australia's premier blogging cab driver has crossed into the media mainstream when he participated in a TV forum discussion about elections.

Niner Charlie writes about preference deals in the Senate elections. And Yobbo looks at all the minor parties.

At Catallaxy, Andrew Norton muses on the strange death of neo-liberal Australia and argues that political books have little impact on elections.

Mike Jericho tried to be nice and invite leftie contributors to his blog, and guess what - it backfired. By the way, his blog is now called Jericho and Tanner, as he welcomes new co-blogger.

The Rat Pack has a thing against government funded art: "Giving out $2.8 million in arts funding is a government’s equivalent to me ripping up a week’s pay, pissing on it, burning it, feeding it to the dog and then reversing over the dog in the driveway."

In the United States, Powerline notes the Associated Press is campaigning for Kerry again.

Blackfive is worried about the US Army censoring too much of good news from the troops.

Dean Esmay hates the misuse of the words "liberal" and "neo-conservative."

At Winds of Change, new edition of Hate Watch.

Blogs for Bush reports on the devastating results of an university exercise to discover who out of Bush and Kerry gets their message across better in their speeches.

Vodka Pundit is pissed off that the Bush Administration has no plan for Iran, but he doesn't think Kerry is any better.

Juan Cole wrote a piece "If America were Iraq, What would it be Like?", which was meant to show how bad the situation in Iraq really is (3,300 Americans dying weekly from terrorist acts, etc). Now the Opinionated Bastard asks, but what if America were Saddam's Iraq? Eric the Unread is on a similar track. Ditto Centerfued.

Patterico despairs at the "LA Times" election coverage: "Heads Kerry wins, tails Bush loses."

OxBlog's Afghan correspondent has a great report from the ground.

IowaHawk publishes excerpts from the new Inspector Dan Rather Mystery: "My name is Rather. And I’m a dick."

The Diplomad muses on why the Euro politics is such a bore.

The Moderate Voice asks whether God is punishing Gore voters.

Slings and Arrows wonders if Bush has so many "secret plans" how come so many people know about them?

Peaktalk looks at the myth that stupid and incoherent person can become a President of the United States.

Wizblog nominates Claudia Rosett for Pulitzer for her tireless work exposing Oil for Food fraud.

Baldilocks watches the Dem play the draft card.

Bunker Mulligan has been overcome by the Democrat negativity.

Pacetown writes that presidential mask sales point to a Bush victory. He also has an interesting post on demographics and economics of blogging.

Fringe Blog writes that the world should never have any say in US presidential election. Brit Broadcasting Conservatism concurs.

Bill Roggio has a long post on what went right and wrong in Iraq and how to fix it.

Blostopher has some creative idea of what "juiced up" John Kerry looks like. Along the similar lines, The Big Picture compares and contrasts the Right Stuff of Bush and Kerry in pictures.

In Europe, when friends ask about Tomas Kohl about his ex, sometimes they mean his ex-president.

Barcapundit remains unimpressed with PM Zapatero's performance on the world stage. Neither is Southern Watch: "Zapatero's World, Insha'allah."

No Pasaran watches the French media misinterpret Poland's position on the war in Iraq.

In Asia, Simon World tours Asia by blog. Lots of good links, as always.

In the Middle East, Ali at Iraq the Model takes a fellow Iraqi blogger to task for lying about electricity situation in Iraq today.

Israellycool writes that being a blog celebrity is better than being a Hollywood celebrity. On a more serious note, check out his post "Anti-Israel Incitement at an American Campus".

And Athena at Terrorism Unveiled returns from a sojourn with the Bedouins.

In Africa, Ethiopundit writes how his country has been transformed into a nation of serfs.

And please welcome some new blog "We Have Some Planes" - "Issues 9/11 Conservatives care about. Exposing 9/10 attitudes"; Libercontrarian - "Crushed between the wheels of capitalism and big government"; and GeoPolitical Review - "Daily News and Analysis in the Age of Global Terrorism."

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