Saturday, September 04, 2004

The bounce 

It's happening - in the traditional post-convention way - but the way it didn't happen this year for the Dems:

In the Time poll (which pre-dates Bush's acceptance speech) Bush has opened a double digit lead over Kerry: 52% to 41%: "For the first time since the Presidential race became a two person contest last spring, there is a clear leader."

In a non-scientific AOL straw poll, Bush is winning by 535 electoral college votes to 3. Yes, I know that there's no reason to get that excited - 2004 still doesn't look like being a landslide election year of the likes of 1964, 1972 or 1984. Still...

And at Rasmussen, "a modest Convention bounce", with Bush at 49% and Kerry at 45%.

(Hat tips: Jeremy Chrysler and Justin Miller)


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