Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Can't please everyone 

Good news for some, but obviously not for all. This is the funniest reaction from a reader at the "Opinion Journal" to my latest installment of "Good news from Iraq":
"Good news from Iraq! The only response could be Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! But, in fact, I'm too sad to laugh about the real Iraqi situation. Mr. Chrenkoff, you're really a poor fool."
By the way, it's from Bernard Marchois, from Chevigny Saint Sauveur, France.

Monsieur Marchois is no stranger to the "Wall Street Journal", having penned
many an anti-Bush missive in his time ("Of course, Mr. Kerry isn't popular among the uneducated people and 'white trash' supporting Mr. Bush. Neither among Mr. Bush's usual buddies: oil and finance sharks, hysterical South Protestants and other KKK members"). However, he know that fair's fair, when he wrote this observation in the aftermath of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal:
"Only in the U.S. you can read, see and hear that the administration accept to show the dark side, in all the abhorrent details. This is, despite all the errors, a real lesson of democracy. In France, my country, this is impossible. Never a French government will recognize the Army's abuses."
Indeed, and nor would a French newspaper ever publish a segment like "Good news from Iraq". Kudos to the "WSJ" - and another real lesson of democracy.


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