Friday, September 17, 2004

Dan "Stonewall" Rather and other causalties of the Media Civil War 

The media's never biased, of course - they just have different standards of proof.

First, we had the famous "Memos on Bush Are Fake but Accurate" headline.

Now, we learn that "[t]he [CBS] news division continued to insist that the general thrust of the documents was accurate."

Translated into human, this means: We know that Bush is a draft-dodging, National Guard service-abusing fraud. Unfortunately due to technical problems beyond our control we just can't prove it to you right now, so please give us a bit more time and maybe we'll actually be able to find some documentary evidence that stands up to scrutiny for more than five minutes. That, or you might just take our word for it, like you always did in the past, you ungrateful sonofabitch! We bust our gut every friggin hour of every friggin day to bring you more news than will fit in your tiny little reptilian brain in a lifetime, all to save you at least some of the embarrassment of being a typical ignorant middle class dunce who can't tell his ass from his elbow and his Armenia from his Estonia, and this is how you repay us, with this bullshit about fonts and superscripts? Aaaaaargh!!!

This, however, seems encouraging: "CBS News said for the first time last night that there were legitimate questions about the authenticity of documents... and said it would aggressively investigate them." If only that aggression had kicked in a few weeks ago.

By the way,
Lordly & Dame, a company specialising in speakers and celebrity entertainers for corporate and other events, lists Rather as one of the stars in their stable: "A 35-year veteran of CBS News, Dan Rather frequently speaks on the topic of journalistic ethics."

Where can I make a booking?


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