Wednesday, September 15, 2004

If media is biased, are people stupid? 

The pollster Roy Morgan reports on its latest Australian research:

"Australians are very critical of the media being often biased, with 86% of Australians saying Newspaper journalists are often biased, 75% of Australians said Talk-back radio announcers were often biased and 73% TV reporters and journalists."
So far so good - conventional wisdom seems to match all the relevant academic studies. But then this pearl of wisdom:

"Of Newspaper journalists, Andrew Bolt (3.5%) was most often mentioned by Australians as being often biased, followed by Piers Ackerman (3%) and Miranda Devine (1.5%)."
Bolt, Ackerman and Devine are actually all opinion writers. We pay them to read write about their biases.


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