Sunday, September 26, 2004

If you read just one thing today... 

...make it this piece by David Brooks in the "New York Times":
"And so we went the multilateral route.

"Confronted with the murder of 50,000 in Sudan, we eschewed all that nasty old unilateralism, all that hegemonic, imperialist, go-it-alone, neocon, empire, coalition-of-the-coerced stuff. Our response to this crisis would be so exquisitely multilateral, meticulously consultative, collegially cooperative and ally-friendly that it would make John Kerry swoon and a million editorialists nod in sage approval.

"And so we Americans mustered our outrage at the massacres in Darfur and went to the United Nations. And calls were issued and exhortations were made and platitudes spread like béarnaise. The great hum of diplomacy signaled that the global community was whirring into action.

"Meanwhile helicopter gunships were strafing children in Darfur."
It's hard to do justice to this piece just by quoting single paragraphs - read the whole thing (hat tip: Tanker Schreiber).


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