Tuesday, September 28, 2004

It's all in the headline 

The best of the day, from the "Big News Network":

"U.S. hails al-Qaida death, but wants more"
There's just no way to keep those greedy Americans happy. Then this, from the "Coloradoan":

"Survey says U.S. is split, but united"
As James Taranto (hat tip) comments: "Is That Anything Like 'Fake but Accurate'?" Lastly, there is this confusion from the "Australian" about the Labor opposition leader Mark Latham's children policy:

"Latham's childcare free day"
Latham is not proposing a day without childcare, like some community awareness campaign along the lines of "Care Free Day" or "Smoke Free Day"; he wants the government to give parents one day of childcare per week free of charge (i.e. with the taxpayers picking up the tab) - the headline should read "Latham's free childcare day."


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