Friday, September 10, 2004

Smile, the whole world is against you 

Another international poll showing how no one in the wide world likes George W Bush. Fortunately for the President, the "emerging Democratic majority" can't vote:

"A majority of people in 30 of 35 countries want Democratic party flagbearer John Kerry in the White House, according to a survey released showing US President George W. Bush rebuffed by all of America's traditional allies.

"On average, Senator Kerry was favored by more than a two-to-one margin -- 46 percent to 20 percent, the survey by GlobeScan Inc, a global research firm, and the local University of Maryland, showed...

"Kerry was strongly preferred among all of America's traditional allies, including Norway (74 percent compared with Bush's seven percent), Germany (74 percent to 10 percent), France (64 percent to five percent), the Netherlands (63 percent to six percent), Italy (58 percent to 14 percent) and Spain (45 percent to seven percent). Even in Britain, where Prime Minister Tony Blair (news - web sites) is Bush's closest ally in the war on terror, Kerry trounced the incumbent 47 percent to 16 percent. Kerry was also greatly favored among Canadians by 61 percent to Bush's 16 percent and among the Japanese by 43 percent to 23 percent."
I'm happy to say that my country of birth - Poland - was one of three where Bush was favoured (the other ones being, strangely, the Philippines and Nigeria). While this particular poll did not include Australia, a Ray Morgan one, conducted last month, sadly showed a similar result to the rest of the allies: 55% would vote for Kerry, 22% for Bush and 23% are undecided. I can believe that - I know quite a number of otherwise conservative voters who have bought into the whole media-generated "Bush is a spoiled, corrupt, moronic war-monger" meme. Fortunately, however, Australians overall are not averse to electing right-wing governments.


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