Saturday, September 18, 2004

The vision thing 

The "New York Times" on its latest poll taken in conjunction with CBS (should we trust it then?):
"More than 60 percent of respondents said Mr. Kerry was either 'hiding something' or 'mostly lying' in discussing his service in Vietnam. At the same time, 71 percent said that Mr. Bush was 'hiding something' or 'mostly lying' about his Vietnam era service in the National Guard."
Consensus: there's a lot of murky stuff that happened 30 years ago. But memo to the challenger:
"In one particularly troublesome sign for Mr. Kerry, a majority of voters said he was spending too much time attacking Mr. Bush and talking about the past, rather than explaining what he would do as president."
With Kerry lost somewhere close to the Cambodian border, those polled are saying that he "has not laid out a case for why he wants to be president and [they are] expressing strong concern about his ability to manage an international crisis."

Bush seems to be having problems selling Iraq and economy, but people think he's a strong leader with a clearer vision, who can be more trusted to handle any world crises. In a sentence: it's not the specifics, stupid - it's the vision thing.

According to the poll, by the way, Bush has an eight point lead among registered voters.

But you can also read Vodka Pundit on why he only trusts tracking polls. Today's Rasmussen shows Bush with only a four percent lead.


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