Sunday, September 05, 2004

Zionist conspiracy at the UN 

There's always the first time for everything:
"Hizbullah chief on Saturday rejected a UN resolution demanding for his movement military wing to be dismantled, saying the world body's call served Israeli interests."
Says Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah:
"The disarmament of militias means (disarming) the resistance. All the world knows that the disarmament of the resistance (Hezbollah) is an Israeli demand. Today, the Israeli demands are contained in a Security Council resolution."
Hizbullah also opposes the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon - presumably also in the interest of "resisting" Israel, which has withdrawn from its self-declared border security zone in 2000, and arguably doesn't have intentions to extend Greater Israel into its northern neighbour. But with the Syrian occupation troops out and Hizbullah disarmed, the people of Lebanon, God forbid, could be able to actually decide their own future - for the first time in decades. There's no need to worry about the return of the past; Christians are unlikely to dominate politics in Lebanon ever again - the defeat in the civil war and demographics have largely taken care of that problem - but the Lebanese people might choose to have a more independent and reasonable foreign policy, not to mention a more liberal and enlightened regime at home. But that would be a sheer bad example for some in the region.


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