Friday, October 01, 2004


Sometime during the night (my time), the blog passed the 500,000 mark. I wasn't expecting to pass half a million until sometime today, but an unexpected link from Iraq the Model to my "Thursday Iraq Briefs" pushed me along nicely while I slept the sleep of an innocent (some would disagree).

What can I say, except to repeat once I again what I've written before on those occasions, that is when I started this blog seven months ago I never expected to get where I am now. But it's been a great ride, a great opportunity to inflict my thoughts on an unsuspecting international audience, an a great opportunity to meet (electronically) so many interesting people. There are far too many people to thank - and once you start naming them individually you invariably risk leaving too many others off - so in general terms, to all those who linked and publicized, and all those who came in to read and kept coming back - a big thank you for your help and support (by the way, if you're been linking to me in the past but are not yet on my blogroll, I'm not being rude, it's just difficult keeping track. So as the "Good book" says, "Ask, and ye shall be given").

While I'm loath to do readers' polls (how reliable are they? are you a registered Chrenkoff reader or only a likely Chrenkoff reader? how representative is the sample and what's the margin of error?), I guess now's as good an opportunity as any to tell me what you'd like to see more (or less) at this blog. I'm not at that stage of blog stardom yet when trackbacks would give me a good indication of what I'm doing well (except that the "Good news" series continue to be popular) but I'm starting to have some idea through number (or conversely lack) of comments as to which topics or angles seem to generate most interest. So feel free to help me along and offer suggestions.

While I'm at it - apologies if blogging will perhaps be somewhat lighter than usual until after Saturday, 9 October. We've got election down here, too.


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