Monday, October 18, 2004

911 Families for America 

I don't often give plugs for non-blog related groups and organisation - although I remember giving one for the Swift Boats Vets for Truth before they became stars, and for Iraq the Model-affiliated Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party - but this seems like another worthwhile initiative: 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America.

As two hundred and twenty family members of 911 victims write in their "Open Letter to America":

"After the attack, President Bush articulated the primary lesson of September 11, that simply reacting to danger after lives are lost is a weak and unacceptable national defense. He believes that taking the fight to the enemy is the best way to ensure that the enemy will not bring death to our doorstep here at home.

"We agree."
Not surprisingly, 911 Families for America have so far met with cold shoulder from the mainstream media (not unlike the Swifties at the beginning of their crusade) which seem to be far more interested in families of 911 victims who are campaigning against President Bush.

Go to their site, have a look around, sign the guestbook, and most importantly - spread the word.


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