Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Another good cause 

The Truth About Iraq, as the name suggests, is committed to presenting the other side of the story about Iraq; kind of like my "Good news from Iraq" series, except a lot more ambitious.

Now, with election only weeks away and the swing states being bombarded daily with the quagmire rhetoric from the Democrats and the fellow travelers in the media, the Truth About Iraq has an antidote, but it needs your help to spread the message:
"You may not know:

"80,000 Iraqi children are alive today because the Coalition Forces took Saddam Hussein from power.

"Polls show 75% of Iraqis want a democracy.

"51% of Iraqis say their country is going in the right direction.

"This is the truth about Iraq - the truth that people should know before they vote. We are airing commercials right now to get the truth out - see the commercial.

"We need your help: television time is expensive and we are going up against big guns. Fahrenheit 9/11 has sold something on the order of 13 million tickets. About 7.5 million people watched Dan Rather on CBS news last night, according to Nielsen.

"$80 airs this TV commercial once in Clarksburg, West Virginia. $125 airs this spot once in Columbus and $195 airs this spot once in Albuquerque. Most advertising experts say that the average person must see a commercial six times before it becomes persuasive. $192,000 ensures that every person in the Cincinnati media market sees it eight times. Please donate to get out the truth about Iraq!"
Go check them out and see if you can help.


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