Sunday, October 10, 2004

Around the world in 31 blogs 

That time of the week to check out what the friends of Chrenk around the blogosphere have been writing about - the round-up is not as big as usual, due to Australian election. If you're not in it this week, don't worry, I'll have more next time - and if you want to share something, why not let me know?

In Australia, not surprisingly, bloggers have been reacting to the election result:

Tim Blair: "Never again will I doubt the wisdom of Australians." Tim also asks his readers to share their weeping and gloating.

Bastards Inc has been live-blogging the election night. I was too busy counting votes and getting drunk on lemonade.

The Currency Lad blogs extensively not just about what happened but why it happened.

Gnu Hunter lists Labor Party mistakes: "Australians did not appreciate the ALP and the Greens calling the Prime Minister a liar. Being proven wrong, after the fact, about some things does not make you a liar."

Mike Jericho has also been handing out how to vote cards.

Kev Gillett says "Happy, John."

Man of Lettuce wonders: "How can Labor get it so wrong, so often."

Slattsnews celebrates the victory - and his birthday.

And on non-election related topics:

A E Brain writes about the French admission of cultural inferiority.

The Swanker bemoans the demise of Asian language studies in Australia.

In the United States, Powerline write about another October 9 election - Afghanistan.

Blackfive gets outed.

At Dean's World, a round up of black conservative and moderate bloggers.

Lots of interesting stuff at Winds of Change, including the Russia challenge and the new Hate Watch.

The Diplomad bemoans the liberal Democrat hegemony at the US State Department.

GeoPolitical Review writes about oil prices, oil politics and what to do about it all.

The Opinionated Bastard reads the Iraq Survey Group report and argues that if we knew then what we know now - we still should have gone into Iraq.

Bad Hair Blog follows the saga of the French hostages.

Pajamasphere wants to make it easier for you to follow the debates' transcripts, by giving you a side-by-side view to both the first presidential and the vice-presidential ones, with more to follow.

At Eric's Random Musings more thoughts about totalitarian habits, even inside democracies.

Heard Here asks who the hell are the undecided voters.

More cartoonblogging - Christopher Blosser has more on Kerry and the global test.

In Europe, Tomas Kohl has a look at how Euro press scored the VP debate (and the second part).

Barcepundit comments on the powerful speech delivered by the former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar at Georgetown University - in contrast to "the pathetic address by current premier Zapatero at the UN General Assembly a couple of weeks ago." And he notes that the Socialists have disinvited Americans from an annual military parade.

Blithering Bunny writes about the Anglosphere's rotten opposition leaders.

In Asia, Simon World travels Asia by blog.

In the Middle East, Iraq the Model writes about a curious tape screened on Iraqi TV.

Israellycool notes: "Israeli hospitals will continue to treat PLO Arabs, while PLO Arabs will continue to treat Israeli lives with contempt."

Also: The search is over - I have finally been able to find another English-language blog written by a Pole: it's called Polish Immigrant and is being run by Krystof Zmudzinski, a software engineer from Forest Grove, Oregon. Krystof happened to be in Italy around the same time as I was, me waiting for the Australian visa, he for the American one. He's also currently running for a city councilor in Forest Grove, so if you in the area, please support another fine blogger for the elected office.

And please welcome this week's new kid on the blog: Australia's Attila the Pun ("In the land of the stupid, the one eyed man is king...").

As always, check out what the champion stable of bloggers at Homespun Bloggers have been up to this week.


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