Sunday, October 03, 2004

Around the world in 39 blogs 

It's that time of the week to check what some blogospheric friends of Chrenk and others have been up to recently. The journey will be shorter than usual, as I'm sick this weekend. By the way, if you have a good post you'd like to share, please let me know in time for the next round-up.

In Australia, Tim Blair writes about Foxgate.

Azazel at Boils My Blood goes to the Liberal Party campaign launch and notes that despite the best efforts of the organisers to turn it into an American-style political extravaganza, the party members are having none of that.

The Currency Lad has a stream-of-consciousness super-post on Australian election.

Adrian at Man of Lettuce conducts another cab poll to gauge the election result.

Slattsnews writes about "free" health care election promises.

Evil Pundit to those offended by American warplanes being painted with cartoon characters with sharp teeth - is this better?

How many blogs can boast contributors who have previously appeared on the pages of "Ralph" magazine? Jericho and Tanner score one.

Yobbo writes: "It really is a sad time to be a fan of barely-legal pop sluts."

The Swanker notes (in four part series) the anniversary of a very bloody event in Indonesian history as communist and anti-communist forces clashed and fought for the future of the country.

In the United States, Powerline writes about the Kerry campaign, the media and the post-debate poll bounces. Winds of Change have more.

Blackfive is sick and tired of the draft talk.

Michelle Malkin asks "How much mobility is there in the blogospheric ecosystem?" And Fringeblog writes on joys of not wanting to get to the top.

Belmont Club takes Andrew Sullivan to task for suggesting Iraq is turning into another Algeria.

The Belgravia Dispatch defends Allawi.

Mudville Gazette write on a Dick Chaney flip-flop that wasn't.

Lt Smash at Indepundit is annoyed at Kerry for misinterpreting presidential leadership in military matters.

The Opinionated Bastard gives us the presidential debate as it should have been. Meanwhile, Opinion Paper has some interesting comments on the debate as it was. And Dean Esmay puts the debates in perspective.

The Bad Hair Blog defends nuclear bunker busting bombs from John Kerry. So does Tex the Pontificator.

Conservatives Anonymous has more thoughts on the problems of containment.

TigerHawk has a very long defence of the decision to go to war in Iraq. Well worth checking.

Nick Coleman of the "Star-Tribune" and Lileks have had a lovely exchange about blogging. Libercontrarian joins in. Eric's Random Musings has more.

Pacetown asks "How Berkeley are you?" (with photos).

Heard Here muses on the Texan War of Independence and the lessons of not cutting and running.

Cartoonblogging - Christopher Blosser has another vision splendid of John Kerry (and another).

In Europe, Barcepundit writes about the creative accounting techniques of Spanish Socialists.

Brit Broadcasting Conservatism has a Middle East news round-up.

Southern Watch watches the growing love affair between Spain and Venezuela.

In the Middle East, Mohammed at Iraq the Model has some thoughts about the Iraqi elections - from the ground.

Israellycool takes a look around the Israeli blogosphere - Protocols of the Bloggers of Zion?

In Asia, Simon World, the Australian tax exile in Hong Kong makes up his mind who he'll vote for at the Australian election, and conducts another Asia-wide blog round-up.

Please welcome two more new kids on the blog: "American Future": Making sense of a world in turmoil, and "Mover Mike" ("Mike is a retired stock broker, and now supports his wife's furniture business. He is her warehouseman, deluxer, and marketing guru. In addition, he writes poetry and finds abundance, health and joy in the world around him while pondering life's little mysteries" - including a lot of politics).

And, as always, don't forget Homespun Bloggers.


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