Sunday, October 31, 2004

Around the world in 43 blogs 

Hey, blogosphere, wassup this week? (and, as always, if you have a good post for next week, let me know.)

In Australia, Tim Blair - "Did you know that the mainstream media is being criticised? By people using the 'global Interwebnet' technology? It's true!"

Vox Felisi on the Polish colors that don't run in Iraq.

The Currency Lad: "It's possible that next week the American people will ask somebody to be the last man to die for a mistake. The man will be John Forbes Kerry. The mistake was the 1960s. Not the calendar entity - the relentless Julian odometer of time - but the fraudulent hybrid of moral relativism and civilisational self-loathing ignited in that era."

The House of Wheels demonstrates once again he's got far too much time on his hands with all-links-included list of John Kerry's 112 flip-flops.

Fabian's Hammer compares two insurrectionists, Michael Collins and Yasser Arafat. Yasser doesn't come off the best.

John Ray at A Western Heart blogs about the impact of Australia's gun laws (which should be of interest to all the readers who recently wrote to me along the lines: "Australia's a great country, but if only you guys liberalised your gun laws." Well, ain't gonna happen).

In the United States, Powerline: "Kerry is riding a really slow horse."

Lots of good stuff at the Belgravia Dispatch: the Osama tape; NYT and al Qaqaa; Arafat on deathbed.

Belmont Club comments on Osama's surrender proposal. Bill Roggio blogs on Osama and the logic of the left. And Peaktalk sees Osama refocusing his energies on a certain target.

Roger Simon makes a prediction.

A Small Victory on the worst case of the left's hypocrisy.

Blackfive speculates on John Kerry's navy discharge. Captain Ed has more.

Dean Esmay has random election thoughts.

INDC Journal notes lot more strange Russian activity in Iraq. So does Michelle Malkin.

Pejman asks why the Dems and MoveOn are airing campaign ads in the bluest of the blue Chicago?

The Polish Immigrant
doesn't like Carter, but he likes even less Carter's National Security Advisor and a fellow Pole, Zbigniew Brzezinski. I have to agree that my former sympathy is also evaporating fast.

Silent Running endorses George Bush for the lack of General Patton or Ghenghis Khan.

The Moderate Voice has a huge round-up of reactions to the new Osama tape.

MuD & PHuD continues his series of evolution vs creationism.

Marty Dee has a million and a trillion dollar question about Kerry.

Tex the Pontifcator has another variant on that old, controversial photo from Iraq.

Brainshavings blogs on why libertarians must vote for Bush.

Blog wars give Libercontrarian the opportunity to say everything he always wanted to say to the Democrats, his family's old party.

Verifrank is furious that the mainstream media runs around chasing 380 tons of explosives while almost totally ignoring Saddam's bloodthirstiness. Eric Cowperthwaite who was on the ground in Iraq in 1991 agrees.

Desertlight Journal aims with its coverage and media work to correct the media on myths and factoids it recycles about domestic violence.

MoJo at Carrots and Stick notes the latest weapons in the liberal arsenal: eggs, spitballs, and pies. In a similar vein, but on an ongoing basis, new blog When Liberals Attack chronicles the rash of overtly anti-Republican assaults, vandalism and burglaries that are occurring throughout the United States. What's that you say about a climate of fear?

Happy Halloween: Faust at the Bad Hair Blog notes that John Kerry is after new constituency - the ghouls.

In Europe, Tim Worstall says, "the European Union must be destroyed" - in Latin.

Transatlantic Intelligencer
writes on how German public TV creates moral equivalence between the US and its enemies.

In Asia, Simon World - more "Asia by blog."

In the Middle East, Iraq the Model note a formation of a new Iraqi party.

Grayhawk at Mudville Gazette sees bad moon rising over Baghdad.

In Africa, Ethiopundit observes the competition between America's Boeing and Europe's Airbus and muses "ain't capitalism grand?"

Africa regional briefing at Winds of Change.

Please also welcome a new kids on the blog: Granny Get Your Gun (musing of USA granny Pajamahadeen from Cow Girl Country, United States: "Older than dirt, some say eccentric, some say obstinate, very interested in the future of Iraq, politics").

And, as always, don't forget Homespun Bloggers.


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