Saturday, October 16, 2004

Around the world in 51 blogs - the biggest edition ever 

That time of the week, again... Well, it's a lie - the round-up usually comes out on Sunday, but I've been pretty lazy about blogging today (I tip my proverbial hat to bloggers who can write several posts a day, rain, hail or storm - my blogligation hasn't progressed that far yet). By the way - as always - don't be shy if you have a post of your own that you think deserves a wider attention; just drop me an email and I'll see what I can do.

In Australia, Tim Blair brings the latest on the "Guardian"'s assault on Clark County voters.

Azazel at Boils My Blood has a handy guide for all those confused by voting for the Australian Senate (and that includes many Australians).

The Currency Lad takes Mark Steyn to task.

And Mike Jericho at his newly-renamed multi-author A Western Heart blog takes O'Reilley to task.

In the United States, on Instapundit, plenty of discussion about Mary Cheney.

Powerline writes: don't look at the polls, look at where the candidates are campaigning.

Joe Katzman at the Winds of Change rounds up the clueless and the classless of the campaign.

Blackfive writes about soldiers becoming citizens.

Dean Esmay weighs in on the "Stolen Valor" controversy.

Michelle Malkin blogs about Democratic bigotry. It's only a scandal if the Republican do it.

Captain's Quarters has a readers' competition to guess what this election's October Surprise will be. What if the surprise will be the lack of any surprise?

Roger Simon is among the very few novelists voting for Bush - which comes as a real surprise, doesn't it?

Patterico writes about Willie Horton and Mary Cheney.

Dan Drezner's chances of voting for Kerry have increased to 80%. Andrew Sullivan's happy; Greg Djereijan isn't.

Transatlantic Intelligencer watches the inevitable corrections as the "New York Times" reports about Germany, anti-Semitism and the Arabs.

Baldilocks asks: would you rather date Bush or Kerry?

Peter Schramm at No Left Turns writes about Bush and African-American churches.

At Moderate Voice a mega round-up of reactions to the third debate - it just goes on and on and on...

TigerHawk muses on whether a hawk can support Kerry (Dan Drezner would say yes - see above).

Photoshop blogging by Daniel Klein (a recovering liberal - welcome to the fold) - just in time for the Halloween: John Kerry - trick or treat? (fantastic image - check it out).

And Pacetown updates you on the Presidential pumpkin poll.

Brainshavings also provides a third debate round-up.

Pieter at Peak Talk looks at domestic policies of the two contenders and sees two centrists.

Pejman has more thoughts on the debate.

At Silent Running a debate we'd all like to see (an animation).

Bad Hair Blog, meanwhile, watches Kerry debate himself.

MuD & PHuD is scared by medical microchips.

CenterFeud muses on Kerry as Chamberlain.

Editors in Pajamas can't recommend "Team America".

Heard Here notes that the press if finally taking more note of the Oil for Food scandal.

GeoPolitical Review evaluates the American involvement in Oil for Food fraud.

Christopher at Catholic Kerry Watch says that Kerry demonstrates his utter disrespect for Catholic morality.

Pajamasphere offers for your reading and research pleasure the transcript of the third presidential debate in an easy to look at side-by-side format.

In Europe, Tomas Kohl looks at the Democrat campaign and sees the birth of "tax-and-cure liberalism."

Barcepundit notes that for the Spanish Socialists, US troops are not good enough for a military parade - but the French and the Wehrmacht veterans are.

Blithering Bunny is annoyed at government trying to force people to save for the old age.

Cicada says we can all rest easy - according to BBC the terrorist threat is a fantasy. I'm having deja vu to the Cold War.

And Talking Hoarsely watches BBC defend the French.

In Asia, Simon World travels Asia by blog - as always, plenty of links.

In the Middle East, Iraq the Model sees parallels between Al Sadr and the medieval Assassins.

Zeyad at Healing Iraq blogs about the roots of Iraqi secularism and sectarian trends in Iraqi society.

Grayhawk from Mudville Gazette is blogging live from Iraq.

Athena at Terrorism Unveiled is walking the streets of Damscus and doesn't like it.

In Africa, Ethiopundit writes on how war makes folks poor.

Also, welcome this week's new kids on the blog, Red Mind in a Blue State, by Tony Iovino of Long Island, New York; Right Intentions ("A disenfranchised former liberal democrat opines on politics, the sad state of legacy media, and voting Republican for the first time ever"); and Darn Floor, by Drew from Wisconsin.

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