Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Israel and Iraq 

In Israel, Dave at Israellycool is really on the roll regarding the controversy surrounding the possible use and abuse by terrorists of UN facilities (for background see here). Is it a stretcher or is it a rocket? We might never know. Is Hamas a welfare group or a terrorist organization? Both, since it helps Palestinians and blows up Jews. Can the UN cooperate with one section while not being tarred by the association than the other? Ironically, if the tables were turned, Hamas and their ilk in Iraq wouldn't distinguish between the Americans doing security duties and those doing charity and reconstruction work.

(by the way, speaking of "Hamas and their ilk in Iraq", there are
reports that Iran and Al Zarqawi have started to outsource some of suicide attacks in Iraq to Hamas, who are currently rather strapped for cash.)

In Iraq, a certain somebody with a famous moustache wants to make a
political comeback:

"Saddam Hussein now seems to have found faith in the democratic process. Saddam's lawyer has told a Danish newspaper that the ousted dictator will run in Iraq's elections with the view to become president again, media reported. Giovanni di Stefano has reportedly said that there is no law preventing Saddam from taking part in the election for the interim National Assembly."
I don't see any problem with Saddam contesting the elections as long as he runs to represent the Seventh Circle of Hell.


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