Friday, October 08, 2004

Only one day to go 

Tomorrow, October 9, Australia goes to the polls to decide whether the Howard government will be re-elected for the fourth term, or whether Labor's Mark Latham will be my country's new Prime Minister. As you can imagine, the stakes are very high, not just in terms of Australia's international position, but also for the economic future of Down Under.

I won't be blogging tomorrow, as I'll be out whole day lending my little hand towards the re-election of the Liberal Party government. After eighteen hours on my feet (literally) it's unlikely that I'll have much energy left to write anything. But on Sunday morning (Saturday evening for the American readers), I plan to bring you up to date with the day's events, the results, and what it means for Australia and the world. The events of the last few years have definitely put countries like Australia and Poland on the American radar, resulting in much higher levels of interest about the affairs of the Willing. This is something that's pretty clear to me, both through my blog and through other media (thank you, at this point, to readers who over time have expressed so many positive sentiments through me - in my dual "capacity" as an Australian blogger of Polish origin - for my country of residence and my country of birth). So, stay tuned until Saturday night.

I have refrained so far from making any predictions about results, partly because I don't claim any special insight or access to information that's not available to any pundit, and partly because it's generally pretty difficult to make sensible predictions. Let me just say that the result tomorrow might surprise many.


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