Friday, October 29, 2004

P J is from Mars, "Independent" readers are from Venus 

The readers of Britain's leftie "Independent" daily chat with P J O'Rourke. The highlights:

"Is George W Bush stupid? Anthea Holden, Birmingham

"No... But there is very little to be gained from asking whether a politician is stupid. The question should be: 'Are they wise?' Reagan was perhaps not too bright, but he was very wise. Time will tell how wise Bush is, but my gut instinct is, not particularly.

"France is a great country, whose leaders are brave and principled, and whose culture and society are beacons to the world. Discuss. Catherine Price, Northampton

"Every moral compass needs a butt end. Whichever way the French are pointing, we can go in the opposite direction with a quiet conscience.

"If elected, can John Kerry live up to the expectations of left-wing Europeans? Elaine Sumner, London

"If Stalin couldn't, I don't think Kerry's going to be able to...

"If you were President of the United States, how would you have handled Iraq? Would you have done a better job than George W Bush? Kieran Gallagher, Belfast

"As George Bush is a man of deeply average intelligence and so am I, I think I would have done just as badly."
Mind you, just before you think that P J has turned soft in his old age, he adds: "having covered the first Iraq war and seeing what the Iraqis did to Kuwait, it certainly would have been on my mind to wipe them out."

Waiting for the "Independent" to launch a letter-writing campaign to P J.


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